About the Campaign 

The Michigan Breastfeeding Network believes mothers should be supported anytime they need to breastfeed, anywhere they need to breastfeed. In order to help make this vision a reality, MIBFN has launched its "Anytime, Anywhere" Campaign, which is focused on:

  • Celebrating the Breastfeeding Anti-Discrimination Act
  • Promoting mothers' right to nurse in public as protected by the state law
  • Encouraging Michigan businesses to further support breastfeeding families


Learn more about this campaign by watching the recording of our Anytime, Anywhere Kick-Off Webinar.


About the Law

In June 2014, the Breastfeeding Anti-Discrimination Act was passed, which gives women the right to breastfeed a child in any place that is open to the general public, including shopping venues, schools, libraries, restaurants, on public transportation and more. With Michigan businesses, providing a comfortable and shame-free environment for breastfeeding mothers means more families are able to have the freedom to be away from home longer and enjoy their community more.

Breastfeeding in Public - Breastfeeding Rights Awareness Card

It is your right to breastfeed in public! Download and print your BREASTFEEDING RIGHTS AWARENESS business card to help spread awareness that your breastfeeding rights are protected anywhere, at any time.   




How to Participate

Supporting mothers' right to breastfeeding anytime, anywhere isn't just for businesses! Community organizations, coalitions, families and other advocates can help build a breastfeeding-friendly Michigan by showing their support and participating in this campaign.

Take the Pledge
  • Join the list of advocates who support mothers' right to breastfeed anytime, anywhere by signing our Anytime, Anywhere Pledge.
  • Let others know by displaying this digital Anytime, Anywhere Cling with #MIBFNPledge on your social media pages or, for companies, your website.

Spread the Word

Help build a breastfeeding-friendly Michigan by displaying the Anytime, Anywhere Cling in your local and virtual communities.


These removable window clings - which will be available through your local breastfeeding coalition - can be displayed in offices, waiting rooms, lactation rooms, on your car... anywhere people will see it!


Starting on August 1, snap a picture with the Anytime, Anywhere Cling and share it with us on social media by using #MIBFNclickwithcling to enter our "Click with Cling" contest. See Quick Guide FAQs and Official Contest Rules.

Coalitions: Connect with Your Community


Local coalitions can order the Anytime, Anywhere Cling for free here.


Use our Anytime, Anywhere Toolkit to reach out to the businesses in your community and encourage them to participate in this campaign. The toolkit includes:

  • Benefits about breastfeeding
  • Answers to common concerns businesses have about breastfeeding in public
  • Sample language to use when approaching a business
  • Anytime, Anywhere Pledge Flyer - can be used when approaching businesses or at events to encourage individuals' participation


If you have any questions about the Anytime, Anywhere Campaign, please contact MIBFN Senior Project Manager, Shannon McKenney Shubert at shannon@mibreastfeeding.org.