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Statement on Who We Serve: MIBFN collaborates with organizations and individuals to bring about actionable, system-level changes that are centered on the diverse experiences of Michigan families with young children.

Mission: We advocate, educate, and community-build alongside families and organizations for the advancement of an equitable, just, and breastfeeding-supportive culture.


  • We envision human milk feeding-supporters of every identity serving in solidarity with Black, Indigenous, and other marginalized folx, dismantling unjust and inequitable systems of oppression – white supremacy, patriarchy, and capitalism.
  • We envision building new systems that support human lactation centered in equity and justice. 
  • We envision the decolonization and reclamation of traditional birth, lactation and infant feeding cultural norms.
  • We envision Black joy and Indigenous communities thriving.

Working Core Values: Respect, Diversity, Listening, Learning, Planning, Transparency, and Community-Building

Service Model

Education: Increase diversity within the field of lactation and expand the scope of those who promote lactation in different settings to influence systemic change. 


    • Make breastfeeding education accessible and inclusive to encourage the broad base of community leaders who endeavor to become breastfeeding supporters.
    • Align with ongoing efforts that focus on issues of equity within breastfeeding education.
    • Promote culturally relevant breastfeeding research from diverse viewpoints.
    • Provide relevant and timely education on how to work toward eliminating the systemic and structural barriers that prevent breastfeeding success.
    • Connect breastfeeding education with access to equitable and sustainable employment for those who provide breastfeeding support.

Success is:

  1. A plethora of direct breastfeeding supporters – Breastfeeding Peer Counselors, Indigenous Breastfeeding Counselors, Community Health Workers, Certified Lactation Counselors, International Board Certified Lactation Counselors, etc. – who reflect and represent the communities they serve.
  2. A broad-base of people who understand their influence on breastfeeding outcomes – Employers, Child Care Providers, Judges, Jail Wardens, Educators, etc. – and who leverage their power to cultivate family-centered systems.

Advocacy: Listen and serve in solidarity with diverse Michigan families.


    • Change systems, not families.
    • Serve alongside leaders and community advocates within systems, as a partner for breastfeeding-specific solutions.
    • Advance breastfeeding-supportive administrative and legislative policies.
    • Increase the visibility of policymakers who adopt breastfeeding-supportive policies.

Success is:

  1. Serving as a trusted partner for systemic breastfeeding change by cultivating a continuous feedback loop where MIBFN is at the table or convening the table and ensuring equitable space at the table for families and breastfeeding supporters with their concerns and aspirations, and with policymakers who share our mission, vision, values, goals, and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  2. Serving as a connector of community-driven efforts across the state to share successes, support, best practices, and opportunities to build power collectively to serve all breastfeeding families across Michigan.

Coalition Building: Leverage our privilege and platform to bring resources to community-driven breastfeeding support organizations.


    • Cultivate and support breastfeeding in every Michigan community – including tribal, ethnic, geographic, and cultural communities.
    • Ensure that members reflect and represent the communities they serve.
    • Support work that cultivates breastfeeding-supportive systems.

Success is: 

  1. Serving as a connector of community-driven efforts across the state to share successes, support, best practices, and opportunities to build power collectively to serve all breastfeeding families across Michigan.
  2. Having an interdependent web in every community, organizing and advocating for systemic change, both by targeted identities and geographic location – city, county, region, and peninsula. We envision that “identity” coalitions drive the needs, messaging, and priorities, and “geographic” coalitions will serve in solidarity with identity coalitions.

Sustainability: Establishing the growth in our efforts at the speed of trust of the families and organizations with whom we serve.

Success is: continuously ensuring our commitment to Equity and Justice is operationalized, centered, and growing throughout all of the effort. 

Statement on the language we use to reflect the gender-diversity of the families we serve: MIBFN recognizes the power of language as the foundation of ensuring the just, equitable treatment of birthing and lactating people. In our ongoing efforts to serve in solidarity with marginalized families as advocates, educators, and community builders, we are committed to using language that reflects, affirms, and fosters belonging across the wide range of gender expressions of the families we serve. To that end, terms we use include, but are not limited to: 

  • Chestfeeding, body feeding, and breastfeeding
  • Human milk and breastmilk
  • Pregnant, birthing, and lactating persons
  • Non-lactating person, parent, partner
  • Families, parents, caregivers, mothers, and fathers

Where we can be specific about a particular person or family, we will describe their experience in alignment with their desires. And, where we are referencing a group, it is our intent to use terms that best reflect the diversity of that group. When we fall short, we invite your input at hello@mibreastfeeding.org.

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