Birth Queens and Milk Queens

Birth Queens and Milk Queens

Birth Queens and Milk Queens offers comprehensive birth doula and lactation counselor services for pregnant and breastfeeding families, focusing on advancing health equity for Black communities. We provide judgment-free, evidence-based support and advocates to end racial bias in healthcare. Birth Queens and Milk Queens is dedicated to providing breastfeeding services to marginalized, underrepresented, and underprivileged populations. As a trusted partner in the community, we recognize the barriers to care that local families experience in birth and breastfeeding spaces. Relationship building and trust are at the heart of our services. Through partnerships and community groups, we reach families of color in many counties throughout southwestern Michigan. 

Facebook | Email | Phone: (269)-861-6163  (call or text)

From Bianca: “I want to be the person that people can go to for help. I stepped into the role of being an advocate for others because someone was an advocate for me.“

Mission: To support and empower families through their birth and breastfeeding experience, centering Black and brown folx to reclaim traditional practices and heal generational trauma.

Our Vision for the Future: To create a sustainable way for Black and Brown families in rural areas to access birth and breastfeeding support regardless of income or geography. 

Service model: Services currently offered include:

  • Breastfeeding support group
  • Virtual breastfeeding support
  • Childbirth classes
  • Lactation consultations
  • Breastfeeding classes
  • Birth doula services
  • Postpartum doula care
  • Milk Queens is a support group for lactation supporters to debrief and support one another in advancing their community-based efforts
  • Certified Community breastfeeding educator course

Successes to date:

  • Established social media presence (Facebook)
  • Council on Child Abuse
  • Feature article for United Way of Southwest Michigan
  • Service for 52 families through the CARES grant of Southwest Michigan, including lactation visits and care kits
  • Advocacy efforts for maternal-infant health to extend Medicaid

Leadership: Bianca Nash-Miot, CLC is the founder of Birth Queens and Milk Queens. Her passion for breastfeeding support is rooted in her lived experiences and she recognizes the barriers to breastfeeding in her local community where support is desperately needed. 


  • Michigan Breastfeeding Network
  • Black and Indigenous leaders of the CORE Cohort

Current Volunteer Consulting Services: 

  • Hope Teen Resource Center in South Haven
  • MDHHS Infant Death Review Committee
  • SW Region Perinatal Quality Improvement Collaborative
  • Great Start Parent Collaborative of Van Buren County

History of our partnership with MIBFN: Our partnership began in 2021 as an awardee of the Young Parents Fund Mini-Grants. We are founding participants in the CORE cohort.

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