LactPower is a community-based, equity-centered breastfeeding support service program in Benton Harbor, focused on centering the needs of Black families while providing culturally responsive care by trusted providers that reside in and represent the community they serve. Black families are often unable to access unbiased care and are facing public policies that limit their breastfeeding success, including inequitable workplace, unpaid leave, and child care policies. LactPower addresses these barriers by providing direct services to families in the community through empowerment, education, and support. 

Mission: To nurture and connect Black families in Benton Harbor through birth and breastfeeding education, support, and community building

Service model: Providing trauma-informed holistic birth and breastfeeding care for Black families by trusted lactation supporters who reflect and represent Black families in Benton Harbor

  • Monthly classes on birthing and breastfeeding
  • Individual consults
  • Outreach and referrals for additional health care services by trusted providers
  • Doula services

Successes to date:

  • 2020 Community Conversations participant with 7 Benton Harbor families to learn the assets and barriers present within the local community that impact birth and breastfeeding outcomes
  • Member of the 2021 CORE Cohort  
  • Racial Equity COVID19 Fund Awardee
  • Great Lakes Breastfeeding Webinars July 2021 presentation: “Breastfeeding Fundamentals and the Workplace”
  • Wrote and submitted to the City of Benton Harbor August Breastfeeding Month Proclamation 2021
  • Statewide: Monthly virtual MIBFN Local Breastfeeding Supporter Meetings and Mi Milk Collective meetings to represent Black families in Benton Harbor on statewide initiatives


Tameka White, Proprietor, is an active birth and breastfeeding worker within Berrien County, a Certified Lactation Specialist (CLS) and doula, and has recently expanded her services to include childbirth education. Tameka is a trusted provider who has worked consistently within her community for years as an important advocate for families during the vulnerable time of birthing. Tameka serves as a resource for families seeking birth and breastfeeding education and support with compassion and authenticity. Tameka not only serves these families but also works to connect them with key services and resources within the community as they navigate their breastfeeding journey together.


  • Michigan Breastfeeding Network
  • Mi Milk Collective 
  • Southeast Michigan IBCLC’s of Color
  • Black and Indigenous Leaders of the CORE Cohort
  • Berrien County WIC Program
  • Benton Harbor Community Development Corp

Our Vision for the Future: 

We envision that every Black, Indigenous and family of Color (BIPOC) in Benton Harbor is surrounded by interconnected, trusted, BIPOC-led community based birth and breastfeeding support. 

We envision government entities throughout Michigan, specifically in Berrien County writing, passing, and enforcing Policies that center, honor, and uplift BIPOC breastfeeding families. 

We envision Black Breastfeeding Week celebrations every August honor the triumphs and resilience of BIPOC families who are reclaiming Black breastfeeding AND propel forward a BIPOC-led series of events to be held throughout the month of August and week of Black Breastfeeding Week.

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503 Mall Court #296

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