Annual Report

The 2020 MIBFN Annual Report is available now. This all would not have been possible without the incredible staff, volunteers, families, local breastfeeding supporters, community collaborators, and funders who care so deeply about breastfeeding families. We are so grateful to you and thankful for all the heart you bring to these efforts!

Community Partner Reports

FY21 CORE Cohort Report

We are grateful to share the FY 2021 CORE Cohort Report. The cohort is currently composed of 12 Black and Indigenous breastfeeding supporters and organizations who have chosen collaboration over competition. We were initially awarded mini-grants through MDHHS and Michigan Breastfeeding Network to advance our work, centering Black and Indigenous families in the reclamation and restoration of traditional birth and breast/bodyfeeding practices that have sustained our families for centuries. Our work is initially focused in the areas of COVID-19, young mothers and fathers, and child care. We work collaboratively in sisterhood (not cis-terhood) to network, incubate, take action, and achieve outcomes in solidarity with the families in our communities.

FY 2021 Local Breastfeeding Supporter Meeting Report

It is with immense gratitude that we share the FY 2021 Report on the MIBFN & Local Breastfeeding Supporters fund. We are deeply grateful to the Local Breastfeeding Supporters for sharing this space with us and also to Michigan WIC for continued financial support. We look forward to working together throughout the coming year.

#InvestInDetroitBreastfeeding Report

Breastfeeding is medicine. SEMI’s members know this, and despite not receiving personal protective equipment (PPE), continued serving Detroit families. In the face of these dangers, we put together a peer-to-peer fundraiser to help get them the tools they needed to continue serving families in Detroit. We asked for your help to ensure that the families of Detroit could continue receiving lactation education, accessing lactation support, and providing human milk for their children during this emergency. SEMI needed PPE, sanitation items, lactation supplies, and monetary contributions to support lactation providers on the front line and ensure that they could continue to serve families in Metro Detroit. We are so thankful to all of the generous donors! Your investment in Detroit families during the COVID-19 pandemic is helping to save lives. Thank you so much for your contribution to the #InvestinDetroitBreastfeeding Fundraising Campaign. Thanks for all you do to support breastfeeding families! 

MIBFN 310 Connect Flint Report

What an abundance of listening, learning and growing these past four years have been – the highs and the lows, and everything in between. It’s been a true honor for MIBFN, humbly leaning into the pivot during these challenging times, to work alongside so many powerful leaders in Flint. We are full of gratitude to share this report with you and have found ourselves filled with emotion in putting this together, finding only one word that seems fitting enough to describe it all: Resilience. We are humbled to have the opportunity to share the remarkable work that has and continues to occur with Flint families at the center and specifically Black families at its core. We are incredibly grateful to the Community Foundation of Greater Flint for their commitment, dedication, and trust. The continued investment into the work of Black-led, community-based organizations is seen, deeply appreciated and is shifting the paradigm of leadership.

MIBFN 310 Connect Calhoun County Report

It is with this gratitude that we share the 310 Connect Calhoun County report with you, in hopes that you may experience the deep sense of community that we have been so thankful to have learned from over the years, and for many years to come. This project began as a coalition of folx hoping to bring about awareness and change in several systems that impact breastfeeding families, which included maternity care, child care, normalization, and workplace. Data supports that most families want to breastfeed. However, due to systemic racism, oppression, and significant barriers to access, families oftentimes are unable to reach their individual breastfeeding goals. So, what began with ideation, and painting the town with clings, shifted to financially supporting Black women-led organizations doing birth and breastfeeding work in Battle Creek, who reflect the community that they serve, being equitably compensated to do what they do best – serve. The answers have always been in the community.

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