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Next Generation Family Services

Service area: Greater Lansing area

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Mission: Next Generation Family Services provides equitable access to resources and support to
empower and educate families in the Greater Lansing area.

Commitment to Community: Next  Generation Family Services is a 501(c)3 nonprofit based in Lansing, MI. We provide equitable access to resources and support to empower and educate families. At Next Generation Family Services we strive to have equitable lactation services for all families. We continue to offer lactation appointments at no cost to families who are eligible because we believe that all families deserve to receive proper lactation support. We have scholarships available for those families that have Medicaid, WIC, EBT services, if you identify as a person of color or are in need of financial assistance.

Addressing Racial Inequities and Black Breastfeeding Rates: The ancient knowledge of breastfeeding has been stolen from the Black community in America. Over generations the Black community has been forced to feed white children over their own. The Black community have been targeted with formula advertisements and they have been encouraged not to breastfeed by the public health message. This has caused major disparities in the health of Black babies in the United States. We feel the Black community should have access to care by providers from within their community. These providers should be equitably compensated, and the families should receive services for free. We hope to support our local Black community in training IBCLCs’ of color and offering our support in developing programming that would best serve their community, by their community.

Service model: 

  • Lactation visits available: in-home, clinic, virtual, prenatal
  • Prenatal Safe Sleep and Breastfeeding Class
  • Car Seat Checks

Leadership and Staff:

  • Natosha Sage-El Bylsma, BA, CPST, IBCLC: Owner and Lactation Consultant, Child Passenger Safety Technician, Expectant Parents Organization, Capital Area Baby Cafe, Capital Area Perinatal Wellness Coalition
  • Dr. Ken Horne: President of Board of Directors
  • Denise Thompkins-Jones: Vice President of Board of Directors
  • Victoria Schmalz: Secretary of Board of Directors
  • Emily Paski: Board of Directors
  • Danielle Guty: Board of Directors
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(734) 365-6559

503 Mall Court #296

Lansing, MI 48912


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