Panoramic Doula

Panoramic Doula

Lindsey McGahey, IBC, IFSD


Panoramic Doula provides community-based, equity centered birth and breastfeeding services in Chippewa County, sharing the experience and knowledge of supporting people through and beyond their reproductive experiences while specializing in unique and comprehensive traditional, Indigenous postpartum care and lactation support. 

Mission:  To care and nurture people in their experiences as a foundation in restoring innate trust in the bodies of Indigenous peoples to heal the future generations. 

Service model: Centering BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ families in birth and breastfeeding care that is culturally relevant and evidence-based from a traditional, Indigenous lens. She currently offers 24/7 lactation support services and practice as a full spectrum doula which includes:

  • preconception and conscious conception counseling
  • prenatal counseling and support 
  • Lactation counseling
  • birth and postpartum planning
  • birth support- both virtual and in person
  • postpartum care support  inclusive of lactation support, loss support, and abortion support, primarily offered for BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ peoples, which includes postpartum meals and postpartum kits customized for each family

Successes to date:

  • Member of the 2021 CORE Cohort  
  • Racial Equity Young Parents Fund Awardee
  • MOASH presentation in July 2021
  • Great Lakes Breastfeeding Webinars October 2021 presentation: “Cultivating a New Culture: Revisiting and Reclaiming Lactation Practices for Black and Indigenous communities
  • Created and published “Making Milk” e-course for lactating people and those that serve them 
  • Nourishing Nations co-founder 
  • Sacred Bundle Indigenous Birth Worker Alliance co founder
  • Co-contributor of 2021 Michigan Native Breastfeeding Week proclamation
  • Completed September 2021: Native focused, 40 hour sexual assault advocacy training 


Lindsey McGahey is an active birth and breastfeeding worker within Chippewa County, an Indigenous Breastfeeding Counselor (IBC) and Indigenous Full Spectrum Doula (IFSD), and has recently expanded her services to include “Making Milk” an e-course for lactating people and those that serve them. Lindsey is a trusted provider who has worked consistently within her community to provide a full-range of prenatal and postpartum support services rooted in traditional care. She has worked for over four years as a leader and advocate alongside families during the vulnerable time of birthing. 


  • Michigan Breastfeeding Network
  • Postpartum Healing Lodge
  • Black and Indigenous Leaders of the CORE Cohort
  • Nourishing Nations
  • Sacred Bundle Birthworker Collective

Our Vision for the Future: 

  • Restored trust in our intuitive and innate bodies and babies, ultimately bringing power back to birthing and lactating people, families, and communities.
  • Indigenous peoples have the tools to make the best decisions for their experience and reproductive ceremonies are a shining light of traditional indigenous culture
  • Comprehensive traditional care available for every Indigenous birthing family at no cost for these services.
  • Development of resources/handouts that are centered on the experiences of BIPOC families with inclusive language and images

Our Immediate Next Steps include:

  • Continual creation of e-courses that are available at no cost for families and providers, including: 
    • Advanced lactation course that goes beyond the immediate postpartum breastfeeding experience
    • Traditional parenting of Indigenous peoples that supports lactation: traditional ways to support the postpartum parent and traditional parenting in general
    • How to cope with eating disorders and the pregnant and breastfeeding body
    • Traditional ways of conscious conception and restoring choice to birthing people
  • Developing a network of resources and services available to communities to foster and center traditional practices in birth, lactation, and parenting 
  • Fund development: Secure equitable and sustainable compensation.

Budget: link here

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