Coalition Resources

Coalition Resources

Learn About Our Definition of a Coalition

Each of the organizations on the Find A Coalition page meets our description of a local breastfeeding coalition based on the definition we developed and describe here in the “Blueprint for Breastfeeding Coalition Building in Michigan”, initially published in mid-2018.

Why Coalition Sustainability Templates?

We have a variety of tools to get you started based on lessons learned from other coalitions around the state. These materials can help you to catalyze change in your community, pointing you toward projects, initiatives, and education and outreach opportunities that matter locally. If you have tools you use within your coalition, please share them with us at so other coalitions can benefit from your expertise as well! We work better when we work together! 

Joint Fundraising

Joint fundraising can impact breastfeeding families both locally and on the state level. Local funds are invested in the community in order to support the goals of the local coalition. Coalitions can use this money for web-hosting, meeting refreshments, outreach swag, educational events, and more. Statewide funds support advocacy goals for comprehensive breastfeeding support across all sectors of society. To learn

Online and Social Media Support

MIBFN provides technical assistance to local coalitions via email, phone, and our social sharing center on Facebook. To learn more, message us on Facebook or email us at

Free Teleconference Support

We are offering FREE teleconference access and support for local coalitions who choose to meet virtually. We are happy to set up call-in lines (with video and screen-sharing capability) and provide the technical assistance you may need in order to get started. Please feel free to email for more information and to request a meeting line!

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