August Breastfeeding Month

2023 August Breastfeeding Month

This year in honor of August Breastfeeding Month we are moving together for systems change! 85.9 percent of Michigan families initiate breastfeeding. Unfortunately, by three and six months of age many families face insurmountable barriers in their breastfeeding journey.

What prevents our families from reaching their breastfeeding goals? Systems prevent breastfeeding success – lack of childcare, family leave, access to healthcare, and inequitable policies in our hospital and public health systems. Human milk is beneficial for everyone AND we need our systems to support breastfeeding families. This August, we shine a light on these systems as we work toward equity and justice so families can achieve their breastfeeding goals!

2022 August Breastfeeding Month

We hear you, we see you. We recognize that the work is heavy – and it’s life-affirming. Your work is pushing the movement forward and changing lives in your communities. Together, we are advancing the breastfeeding equity and justice movement.  Especially this August, we take the time to recognize your efforts and amplify your voices. Let’s use this month to re-energize ourselves for the heavy work ahead. We are in this together and the work continues together.

We Rise. We Resist. We Represent. This is our rallying cry. We are looking forward to celebrating YOU this August.

2021 August Breastfeeding Awareness Month

August is Breastfeeding Awareness Month! This is such an important time for breastfeeding supporters to highlight their successes throughout the year, and continue to advocate for necessary systemic changes to make breastfeeding possible and supported for Michigan families. Throughout August, MIBFN’s goal is to amplify local efforts around the state and continue to advocate for systemic support for breastfeeding. Please see below for breastfeeding awareness events throughout the month, and email to share your local efforts.

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