Local Breastfeeding Supporter Meetings

Local Breastfeeding Supporter Meetings

Effective September 30, 2022, the monthly MIBFN & Local Breastfeeding Supporter Meetings, Breastfeeding & Emergencies Working Group, and Breastfeeding & Mental Health Working Group have gone on a temporary hiatus while we secure financial resources to support these ongoing efforts. In the meantime, please be in touch with individual MIBFN staff members or via hello@mibreastfeeding.org.

MIBFN and Local Breastfeeding Supporter Meetings are intended as a space for MIBFN, local breastfeeding supporters, and statewide partners to share, listen, and learn alongside each other as a way of informing each of our statewide and local breastfeeding support strategies. We hold one another accountable for ensuring that this, and all breastfeeding spaces, are safe for the families and breastfeeding supporters who are most marginalized by our current systems.

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