The Michigan Breastfeeding Network organizes, supports and activates local community breastfeeding coalitons to help them support breastfeeding-friendly activities in their communities. If there isn't a coalition in  your community, you can start one - or you can join the statewide Michigan Breastfeeding Network and have maximum impact on the success of breastfeeding in Michigan. We encourage all coalitions in Michigan to become members of Michigan Breastfeeding Network.

Join the Michigan Breastfeeding Network

Any individual or organization who supports the goals of The Michigan Breastfeeding Network can now become a member! We offer four membership levels, in addition to an opportunity to become a Liquid Gold Member. 

For more details about the benefits of membership or to join the Michigan Breastfeeding Network, please visit our "Join Us" section.

Michigan Breastfeeding Network Meetings

Meetings of the Michigan Breastfeeding Network are held quarterly at locations throughout Michigan. Meeting announcements and agendas will be posted on the listserv. We encourage membership to our coalition but anyone who supports our mission and goals is welcome to attend our meetings.