Community Conversations

Community Conversations

As we move forward in Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, initially published in our Letter to Breastfeeding Supporters, we are working with community partners to organize Community Conversations in alignment with our commitment to “listen”. Our focus is on listening more about families and communities across Michigan and learning about areas where MIBFN can serve and advocate in solidarity with their efforts. Specifically, within the 2020 Community Conversations, our priority is on listening and learning with Black and Indigenous breastfeeding supporters and families. 

In light of COVID-19, Community Conversations will take place virtually and are open to breastfeeding families in collaboration with local community organizations across Michigan.

November 7, 2020 Community Conversation

An Advisory Council of trusted local breastfeeding leaders from communities across Michigan was convened to collaborate on the planning of the 2020 Community Conversations. The conversations will be facilitated by trusted local community members.

We are so grateful to the collaborators for sharing their knowledge and expertise. Our confirmed collaborators include:

Accountability Statement

As we begin the 2020 MIBFN Network Meetings and Community Conversations, the MIBFN board, staff, and projects team commit to the following:

  • Participants, particularly families not be observed or researched.
  • Care will be taken to ensure that participation is feasible and welcoming for participants by providing meals, free continuing education during the network meeting, free child care during the community conversation, and locating the meetings in spaces identified by the local Advisory Council.
  • Collaborators at each meeting will be equitably compensated and will be trusted community members who reflect and represent the Black and Indigenous communities they serve.
  • MIBFN board, staff, and projects team members will be present to meet the needs of participants and to listen and learn, firsthand, as breastfeeding supporters and Michigan families share their experiences. 
  • The report out of each local meeting will be owned by meeting collaborators and participants. These reports will also be made publicly available. 
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