Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Local, state-level, and national leaders in breastfeeding have helped us to grow more fully aware of the privilege and ignorance that made it possible for MIBFN to use the term “racial equity” to describe our work, without first understanding the weight of this term and how this work is so personally and profoundly understood by people who experience racial inequity on a daily basis. We understand now that our claims to be working towards equitable outcomes have not been authentic and we were harming the very people with whom we intended to serve. We are sorry for the harm we have caused and immensely grateful to every person who has taken the time to share their concerns. We are clear now that MIBFN needs foundational transformation before we can authentically pursue equitable outcomes and experiences. As we grow, we will continue seeking input and keeping you abreast of our efforts.

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