Next Generation Lactation Services

Next Generation Lactation Services 

Next Generation Lactation Services and Michigan Breastfeeding Network began partnering in early 2021 with an initial fund development request through the MIBFN donation page. This helped launch MIBFN’s new initiative to support every local breastfeeding supporter organization via donations on our page (link here).

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Mission: Providing equitable access to breastfeeding support, to empower and educate the local communities in evidence-based breastfeeding practices and expand the paths available for IBCLC candidates beyond the RN/hospital pathway in our community to increase diversity within the field of lactation to represent the communities they serve

Vision: To normalize community-driven, equity-focused perinatal support, including IBCLCs, with trained professionals being equitably compensated for their work with families. 

Commitment to Community: 

The science shows us that increasing breastfeeding rates is vital for the overall health of the community. It improves the nursing parents mental health as well as providing protection from several severe diseases. Benefits for the baby include increased mental health, bonding with parents, as well as protection from diseases such as asthma and obesity. Due to the overall community benefits we feel that this should be financially supported by the community the parents live in. In order for parents to be successful with breastfeeding they often need support from trained professionals in  lactation. This is often difficult to obtain and causes financial hardship for the majority of parents. We feel all families should have access to trained lactation care, at no cost to the family.

Addressing Racial Inequities and Black Breastfeeding Rates: 

The ancient knowledge of breastfeeding has been stolen from the Black community in America. Over generations the Black community has been forced to feed white children over their own. The Black communities have been targeted with formula advertisements and they have been encouraged not to breastfeed by the public health message. This has caused major disparities in the health of Black babies in the United States. We feel the Black community should have access to care by providers from within their community. These providers should be equitably compensated, and the families should receive services for free. We hope to support our local Black community in training IBCLCs’ of color and offering our support in developing programming that would best serve their community, by their community.  

Statement of Solidarity with our Indigenous Family: 

We stand in full solidarity with Indigenous families and colleagues as we protect and promote cultural relevance in our community and work toward decolonization. We will follow the lead of the Indigenous families on this endeavor, and look to them for the best path leading forward.

Leadership & Staff: 

  • Natosha Sage-El: Co-Owner and IBCLC, Child Passenger Safety Technician, Michigan Breastfeeding Network, Expectant Parents Organization, Capital Area Baby Cafe
  • Caroline Passariello: Co-Owner and IBCLC, Child Passenger Safety Technician, Expectant Parents Organization, Capital Area Baby Cafe
  • Victoria Thelen: Digital Media and Office Manager


  • Abbie Mullins Childbirth Education  & Lactation, LLC: Community based childbirth educator and IBCLC. We occasionally get referrals from Abbie, but mostly work together to share insights on business and lactation.
  • Alliance, OBGYN: Lansing based OBGYN office, who offer a centering model of care as an option for their clients. We receive referrals frequently from this office. 
  • Allomother Midwifery: We receive referrals frequently from this provider. 
  • Capitol Area Baby Cafe: Caroline facilitates Baby Cafe for Expectant Parents Organization. We often refer clients to Baby Cafe and receive referrals of clients from Baby Cafe. Natosha attends most of the meetings as a peer counselor from WIC, or as an employee of Expectant Parents Organization.
  • Capital Area Breastfeeding Coalition: We are listed as a provider on the Coalition website. We have attended meetings before Covid and were active members of the coalition.
  • Capital Area Perinatal Coalition: We are active members of the coalition, attending meetings. Would like to develop some programming together to strengthen the partnership.
  • Discover Smiles: A pediatric dentist office that specializes in tongue and lip tie revisions. We receive many referrals as well as refer frequently to this office. They are knowledgeable about breastfeeding and how it can be affected by oral restrictions. 
  • Expectant Parents Organization: Natosha and Caroline both are instructors at EPO, Natosha sits on the board as an Instructor Representative. Caroline facilitates Baby Cafe as an employee of Expectant Parents Organization.
  • Feed the Baby LLC: Community based IBCLC, who sees clients in their homes. Laura has been a pillar of the breastfeeding community in Lansing. We often refer to Laura when we are unavailable for a home visit.
  • Gentle Strength Midwifery: Community Based Home-birth midwife, Doula, and CLC. Sandra refers to us when her clients have issues that are beyond her scope of practice.
  • Infinity Chiropractic Care: East Lansing based team of Chiropractic Doctors, who specialize in infant chiropractic care. We refer frequently to this office as they are knowledgeable about breastfeeding and how chiropractic care can help with breastfeeding. We occasionally get referrals from them as well.
  • Ingham County WIC: Provides nutrition education to women who are pregnant and children up to the age of 5. We get referred to from this office, and we refer clients to WIC who may qualify for services.
  • Kersten Kimmerly, LMSW: Local therapist who specializes in the postpartum period. Runs the perinatal mood disorder group located in Willow Tree Family Center. Kersten refers clients to us, and runs questions by us. She also facilitates the perinatal coalition and we collaborate through that.
  • Lactation Network: Partnered with Lactation Network to provide 3 consults to clients at no out of pocket cost to themselves. If they have one of the following insurance plans BCBS PPO, Anthem BCBS PPO, Cigna, and United PPO. These can be in any of the three settings we have available, Reimbursement ranges from $100-250.
  • McLaren of Lansing Hospital: Local hospital that provides birth services in the Lansing area. We are listed on their resources that they share with their patients after delivery.
  • Michigan Breastfeeding Network: Natosha Sage-EL, one of the current co owners, sits on the Board of Directors for MIBFN, as co chair. Natosha will be a presenter for one of the Great Lakes Breastfeeding Webinars. 
  • MSU Worklife Office: Natosha teaches Breastfeeding and Newborn Care classes here through EPO. We are listed as a lactation provider. 
  • Sparrow Hospital: Larger of the two local hospitals, where the majority of births take place in our area. Have a NICU, and see many high risk clients. We are listed on their provider list for lactation services after the client has left the hospital.
  • Willow Tree Family Center: Our office space is held within this nonprofit, this non profit services families through pregnancy, birth and beyond. We refer clients to resources here as well as run the Newborn group that typically meets two times a month (pre-pandemic). 

Current Service Model & Support Services

  • Virtual Lactation Consult: $125, From the comfort of anywhere with internet connection you can meet with one of our International Board Certified Lactation Consultants! At this virtual meeting you can ask all of your infant feeding questions, as well as having a feeding observation with ideas of custom tips and tricks that could help make your nursing journey as enjoyable as possible. 
  • In Clinic Lactation Consult: $200, We will meet you in our office where we will do a weighted feed, giving you a snapshot of how much milk your baby is taking in a feeding. We will also discuss any questions or concerns you have about your newest addition. You will leave with a custom feeding plan and email access to have additional questions and concerns as they arise.
  • Home-visit Lactation Consult: $250, One of our International Board Certified Lactation Consultants will come and meet you in the comfort of your own home. We can go over different positions and troubleshoot any issues you have in your own space. At this visit a weighted feed will be performed, offering you insight into how much milk your baby is able to transfer. We will work with the family to develop a custom feeding plan that addresses all of the families unique needs and concerns. A follow up plan will be arranged so the family has access to the IBCLC to ask any additional questions that may arise. 
  • Prenatal Lactation Classes: $75, This class can be virtually or in person with an IBCLC. During this class we cover the first hours after birth, identifying a good latch, promoting good milk making, how to recognize early feeding cues, knowing when a baby is getting enough milk and so much more!

Payments Accepted

  • Insurance: Partnered with Lactation Network to provide 3 consults to clients at no out of pocket cost to themselves. If they have one of the following insurance plans BCBS PPO, Anthem BCBS PPO, Cigna, and United PPO. These can be in any of the three settings we have available, Reimbursement ranges from $100-250.
  • Fee for Services: See rates listed above.

In 2021 we are planning to make even more moves:

  • 501c3 designation in addition to our LLC
  • Sustainable funding model
  • Provide a drop in style meeting place where clients can do weighted feeds, with a CLC facilitating.
  • Create an online Breastfeeding Class Curriculum.
  • Mentor 1-2 women of color to become IBCLC’s.
  • … all while continuing to provide and expand our current service model & support services
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