Help MIBFN “Paint the Town” with the message of Breastfeed: Anytime, Anywhere!

Order window clings to distribute to your organization, friends, family, and businesses in your community.

Keep in mind –

·      These clings are not intended to send a message of “Breastfeeding Welcome Here.” Breastfeeding is welcome everywhere in Michigan – and is protected by state law! These clings serve as an important reminder to families and communities that breastfeeding anytime, anywhere is a normal feeding behavior.

·      Quantities are limited! Please only order the quantity you will distribute, and distribute them to partners you are confident will use them.

·      This campaign can only go on with your support! Please consider donating to MIBFN to offset the cost of clings. Each package of 50 clings costs MIBFN about $25 to print, prepare, and ship.

Click here to order clings

Once your clings arrive, join our #MIBFNClickWithCling contest!

1.     “Like” or “Follow” MIBFN

2.     Hang your cling for everyone to see

3.     Snap a selfie with your cling

4.     Share it on social media with #MIBFNClickWithCling - tag us/use our handle (@MIBFNetwork) and make the post public.

5.     Winners are chosen quarterly and receive a $25 gift card!

6.     To learn more, click here.