WIC Statewide Initiative Project

The "WIC Statewide Initiative," is the culmination of several WIC-led projects and initiatives around the state that seek to strengthen the relationship between local WIC agencies and hospitals to improve breastfeeding rates.To expand upon their ongoing work, Michigan WIC engaged the Michigan Breastfeeding Network and Coffective to align current efforts in Michigan to improve maternity care practices, enhance care coordination, and implement consistent breastfeeding educational training and tools. 

Goal and Objectives

The Goal of this project is to engage Michigan birthing hospitals in an initiative to raise awareness of WIC services and improve breastfeeding rates by improving coordination and increasing knowledge among local WIC agencies and their associated hospitals.

Through this project we will:

·      Gather baseline data on staff perceptions of mothers' preparedness for evidenced-based care

·      Share resources to improve coordination and continuity of care among community partners

·      Gauge key stakeholders' interest in engaging in broader Collective Impact initiatives with statewide, strategic partners


Interested in Participating?

Click here to download the WIC Statewide Action Plan

Click here to download the WIC Statewide Hospital Report


If you would like a custom report for your hospital, contact: Info@mibreastfeeding.org


Need support for interpreting your Hospital Report data and implementing your Action Plan? Review the topics covered at any time by watching the webinar recordings:

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