MIBFN Twitter Chats -Twitter Chat Overview and How to Join One


What is a Twitterchat?

A twitter chat is simply a real time conversation that takes place on Twitter. Twitter Chats are held at a specific, predetermined time, and all participants in a Twitter chat use the same hashtag in each tweet. This is so they can stay together and make the conversation easier to follow.

During any MIBFN Twitter Chat, we will choose a hashtag ahead of time and will post that, as well as the time and day of our Twitter Chat. We’ll send out a notification of the Twitter Chat well in advance via email (to our newsletter subscribers – sign up here!) and will post the information in on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

During the Twitter Chat, we will pose questions (designated with Q1, Q2…) to prompt responses from you, our participants. Participants will respond to questions by tweeting (responding with A1, A2…) and including the designated, predetermined hashtag in each post. Chats typically last an hour.

Here’s an example of what a twitter chat might look like, with the hashtag #MIBFNWorkplace.

Note that the tweet starts with “Q1:” – this stand for “Question 1:”

To reply to this question, you would prepare a tweet with the following:

1)    You would include in your tweet “ A1”:  - this stands for “Answer 1:” and corresponds to the question asked, In this case “Q1:”

2)    You would also include the designated hashtag, in this case #MIBFNWorkplace.

3)    All tweets must be 140 characters or less – keep them short! Including links can help maximize your response

Below is an example of a response tweet to the above Q1 tweet:


Want To Join One of Our Chats? Here’s how!

1)    If you don’t already have a twitter account, get one here:

2)    Follow us on Twitter!

3)    Look for our notifications about our Twitter Chat via emails, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts. You can also email Communications@mibreastfeeding.org with questions about the Twitter Chat.

4)    Take note of the Date, time and specific hashtag (#) for the Chat

5)    At the designated time of the Twitter Chat, you can go to our Twitter page to follow along, but we recommend you use a tool like TweetChat.com to make it easier. Just go to Tweetchat.com and enter in our hashtag at the time of the chat. You will see the stream of questions and answers in real time.


Can’t wait to see you at our next Twitter Chat!
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