Create a Profile For Your Organization

One of the resources available to all breastfeeding stakeholders in Michigan, through support from The Michigan WIC Division, is the Coffective Resource Platform – an online database of community breastfeeding stakeholders. The platform was created to educate mothers about breastfeeding support in their community and connect breastfeeding stakeholders to one another.

We encourage your organization to join the Coffective Resource Platform by creating a profile on

The Coffective Resource Platform promotes continuity of care. It informs readers about breastfeeding topics that are taught, eligibility requirements and hours of operation. The more information you provide, the more motivated moms will be to seek your services. Profiles are easy to browse, simply designed, and beautiful. Moms and community partners will understand what services you provide before they even contact you.

Mothers can view profiles by downloading the app on their smart phone for both iPhone and Android devices, or on the Coffective website

If you'd like to organize your information before going online, click here to download a profile creation worksheet.

If you'd like to share about this great platform with your community partners, click here to download a flier about the resource platform.